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Polyester, synthetic fibre par excellence, will bring optimum flexibility, resistance and softness to your t-shirts for a perfect look and unequalled freedom of movement. Moreover, thanks to the adjunction of polyester, cotton tends to get creased less easily. Thus, you can bring these t-shirts everywhere without even being concerned about looking unkempt.

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Polyester is a synthetic material from the polymer family invented at the beginning of the 1940s. Mostly used to produce textile fibres, polyester is the most used synthetic material in the ready-to-wear clothing industry. Extremely light, it provides a unique sensation to the touch and enables to manufacture all sorts of clothes, and especially t-shirts, that are very pleasant to wear. T-shirts partially made from polyester offered by Solendro are easy to maintain and dry fast while remaining flexible even after several washes. Very resistant, they will follow you in all your everyday activities for a long time. Don’t hesitate longer and come discover our selection of t-shirts made from polyester on!