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You are looking for simple and comfortable t-shirts that you can wear under a shirt or simply as a top? T-shirts made from 100% cotton are made for you! Besides being hypoallergenic, they are pleasant to wear and easy to maintain, absorb perspiration and avoid bad smells.

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Comfortable, easy to maintain, timeless, there is a reason why cotton has been used for thousands of years to manufacture light clothes. This material, which lets the skin breathe and has the tremendous advantage of being naturally anti-odour and hypoallergenic, if often cultivated in arid tropical and subtropical regions where the mature fibres can dry before being picked. The various inventions resulting from the Industrial Revolution enabled to multiply the cotton production by 100 and to make the extraction of fibres easier. Come discover all our t-shirts made from 100% cotton on and enjoy wearing the most-used textile fibre in the world.