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Flexible, resistant and easy to maintain, polyester is the ideal fibre to manufacture comfortable and soft socks that perfectly adapt to your feet without being too tight, whether they are made from cotton or wool. You won’t be able to live without it again!

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The word polyester refers to a sort of plastic polymer often used to produce textile fibres. Commercialised as soon as 1950 in the United Stated under the name Dacron, it appeared in France in 1954 under the brand Tergal. Tergal and Dacron still remain the two main types of polyester in the clothing industry. As the most produced synthetic fibre in the world and the most used in the clothing industry, it is often combined with natural fibres such as cotton and wool to combine their properties and make the clothes thus manufactured more resistant, extremely flexible and nearly totally crease-resistant. Polyester socks selected for you by Solendro will perfectly hug your feet all day long to provide you all the comfort you deserve.