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Socks that absorb humidity, dry quickly, are extremely flexible and resistant? Thanks to polyamide, it is possible. Find beautiful socks that will adapt perfectly to your feet and can be worn on every occasion without neglecting the comfort you need.

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Polyamide is a synthetic material from the thermoplastic polymer family obtained through polycondensation. Discovered during the second half of the 1930s, polyamide rapidly imposed itself in various fields and more particularly in the clothing industry. Indeed, its resistance makes it a material of choice to manufacture parachute canvas and high-performance clothes. Now omnipresent, polyamide can even be found in your socks to bring them all its advantages: it has a great absorption capacity, dries quickly, is heavy-duty and extremely flexible while always keeping its original shape. Come discover all our polyamide socks, you will soon not be able to do without them.