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After women’s stockings, men’s socks. You probably didn’t know that, but nylon now intrudes itself in your socks to provide you utmost softness, a refined finish and perfect adaptation to your feet. Combined with cotton or wool, it enables to manufacture socks that are more flexible and more resistant for long-term comfort.

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Commercialised for the first time in 1938 in the form of toothbrush with nylon bristles, this plastic material derived from polyamide has been used since 1939 to manufacture clothes. Thanks to its low absorption capacity, nylon dries quickly. However, if it is used to manufacture your socks, it is also because of its flexibility and resistance. Combined to other materials that are more “traditional” to manufacture socks, it enables to produce items that are both extremely comfortable and elastic, and will adapt effortlessly to the shape of your feet to keep them warm and pamper them like never before.