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Less famous in France than in the rest of the world, Replay, and its founder Claudio Buziol, brought many things to denim and fashion in general. Exceeding the million of products sold in two years thanks to the “double ring denim” in 1989, Replay established itself as an unavoidable brand in jeans, as well as in underwear after 1994.

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Rather young compared to the other major brands in fashion, Replay began its expansion in 1978, as Claudio Buziol, its founder, officially registered the brand. The brand, that was very successful in Italy, decided to introduce its products on the international market in 1987 and designed its first best-seller in 1989: the “double ring denim” that was sold in more than one million copies all around the world in less than two years. Building upon this success, Replay continues to open new shops at a frantic rate (41 in 2007 for example). The brand, which also wants to remain modern, doesn’t hesitate over ceasing the production of some of its old models to launch new ones and became famous to be ahead of its time with every collection. For example, we can cite the “Organic Blue Jeans”, environmentally friendly and organic jeans that were launched in the mid-2000s, or the development of a revolutionary process that enables the brand to save up to 50 % energy.