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Polo Ralph Lauren is far more than a fashion creation, it is a genuine success story that developed itself during several decades in the United States and more particularly in the Bronx with Ralph Lifschitz, better known under the name Ralph Lauren, who struggled for years to finally establish a brand that is famous all over the world.

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Born in 1939 in the Bronx, Ralph Lifschitz began his life with nothing. His father was Russian and his brother and he rapidly realised that their life would be easier if they changed their name for “Lauren”. Thus, the 16-year-old Ralph Lifschitz changed his identity and became Ralph Lauren. At the beginning, his life went smoothly and he learnt the basics of commerce at the City College of New York as well as by working as a seller for Brooks Borthers. In 1967, after he canvassed shops to offer them his tie collection, he was noticed by Norman Hilton, who gave him the opportunity to open his own shop by lending him $50,000. The brand Polo was born. One year later, the range of products designed by Ralph Lauren opened to shirts and other pieces of menswear and to a women’s range in 1970. In 1972, only five years after the opening of his shop, he developed a model worn all around the world: short-sleeved polo shirts available in 24 colours. Since then, the brand kept expanding by taking advantage of the economic growth of this era to eventually design fashion accessories, underwear, perfume, and many other products. It even managed to be listed on the stock exchange under the name of “RL” in 1997 and now owns 35 shops across the United States and dozens in 23 other countries.