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This brand, which history dates back to the 19th century, is indisputably a prestigious brand. Supported by the Valls group, Punto-Blanco has the opportunity to design high-quality underwear made from ore innovative fabrics, especially microfibre. Thus, their boxer briefs and socks are available in limited quantities but undoubtedly comfort

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Punto Blanco is a very old brand that was established at the end of the 19th century by Mister Valls. The Valls group owns other ready-to-wear companies specialised in the manufacture of threads, fabrics, as well as in graphic arts. The Valls group, which owns Punto-Blanco, is one of the three major clothing companies in Spain. The brand is exclusively specialised in underwear (boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts) and swimwear. The philosophy of the brand can be summed up in three major principles. Firstly the innovation of materials is crucial for Punto-Blanco, since it is essential to offer optimum comfort to consumers and stay competitive. Secondly, Punto-Blanco relies on the cutting-edge technology provided by the various companies of the Valls group, which enables the brand to optimise the quality of its products and to overtake its competitors. Finally, the brand banks on an innovative and futuristic design that will offer new feelings to future customers. At this point, you may be asking yourselves why this brand is not famous all over the world. It is, actually. However, this brand prefers offering a limited quantity of products to its customers but guaranteeing the highest quality. Punto-Blanco is a brand that will make you like microfibre boxer briefs.