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If you like surfing, south-western beaches or the ocean in general, these boxer shorts are made for you! The brand Pull-In is closely related to extreme sports, and especially to water sports, hence the Lycra boxer shorts with eye-catching patterns. Besides boxer briefs that made it famous all around the world, the brand also offers other clothes such as t-shirts, swimwear, etc.

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Pull-In is an underwear brand specialised in boxer briefs that was established in 2000 by Emmanuel Lohéac. This brand is very famous in extreme sports, just like the brand Red Bull. Pull-In, a prestigious boxer briefs brand, managed to establish itself among the greatest brands thanks to its original, offbeat style and a very refined and sophisticated design. Its main advantage is the use of a high-quality Lycra (Invista) that gives the wearer of the boxer briefs a feeling of well-being and a great freedom of movement, which is absolutely necessary for those who do extreme sports. Moreover, for several years, Pull-In has been developing the production of underwear made from organic cotton, a fine and high-quality material. Pull-In is a French company based in a city that is famous among the surfing community, Hossegor! For a few years, Pull-In has been experiencing an impressive growth and now owns 20 shops (18 in France) and 1 700 retail outlets all over the world. Even though the company is very attached to the production of men’s boxer briefs that made it famous, it diversified its production and started to design T-shirts, leggings, dresses, pyjamas and bathing suits. Today, Pull-In has nothing to prove on the market of high-end underwear, and is an original brand that constantly renews itself.