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Kaporal is a quite young brand that was created in order to compete with low-waisted fashionable jeans designed by Italian designers, and to offer affordable prices while maintaining a good quality. Today, the brand has considerably diversified its range of products and now offers accessories, jeans, boxer briefs, socks, and many other products.

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The history of the brand Kaporal started long before the short decade that went by since the registration of its name. Everything started in Marseilles in 1979 with the McLem family, a company that was specialised in denim, and its encounter with Anthony Birgin, a jeans designer who had modern and original ideas that could appeal to young people. From 1991 on, McLem started to have difficulties following the rhythm of Chinese competitors and converted to the production of denim canvas, before focusing on Morocco, where the brand was successful again until the creation of Kaporal in 2004 to counter Italian jeans designers and conquer the fashion market. Nowadays, the brand innovates constantly and doesn’t limit itself to jeans. It diversified its range of products and developed new accessories under new licences, various types of underwear – mostly boxer briefs and socks – as well as new shoes. Solendro selected the best of their boxer shorts and socks in order to offer you the highest quality and the most innovative products.