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Thanks to its innovative collections and its position as a real pioneer in men’s underwear, the brand HOM is one of the main brands of this sector in France. From swimwear to pouch briefs including high-quality socks, HOM keeps researching innovations to make men’s everyday life more pleasant.

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Everything started in Marseilles in 1968, as Charles Belpaume and Gilbert Anselme created the brand HOM IPEM with a shared goal: bringing style, support and comfort to men’s underwear of that time, that wasn’t really designed in this purpose. Belpaume’s experience in lingerie enabled him to influence the style of the brand to the extend that it turned it into a real fashion accessory, which was something completely new. In 1986, Belpaume decided to sell his company to the Triumph group. The spirit endured, though. Still based in Marseille, the company constantly innovates in several fields, whether it is men’s underwear, bathing suits, socks or even pyjamas. Since its resumption, the company launched various and very inspired collections, such as the HO1 and its horizontal opening or the e.Go and Black addict collections, which stand out from HOM’s rather classic and simple style to keep up with the visions that the brand’s founders had: creating undergarments that have a real style and identity without neglecting the comfort and support that is specific to them.