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Mainly known for its lingerie and to have dressed world-famous American models and actresses, the brand HANRO also manufactures men’s clothing, especially boxer briefs and boxer shorts. Specialised in luxury and simple and high-quality clothes, the brand follows the advice of its founder to never do too much and keep it simple.

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The history of this brand began more than 130 years ago, in 1884, as Albert Handschin decided to open knitting mills to manufacture soft and feminine lingerie made from natural materials that could be comfortable for women. His idea definitely took shape when he and his associate Carl Ronus decided to register the trademark HANRO, created by the combination of their names. The idea of lingerie gradually changed to adapt to the evolution of women during the 20th century with world-famous women as ambassadors, such as Marilyn Monroe, who wears HANRO panties in the movie The Seven Year Itch or Nicole Kidman who wears undergarments of the brand in Eyes Wide Shut. The brand continued its development by widening its range of products and launching a men’s collection that follows the same principles as women’s pieces: simple, comfortable and high-quality items for modern men.