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At first, Gant was not launched as an underwear brand, but thanks to its shirts and the signature « G » label, which is a guarantee of quality and well-done work. The innovations brought up by Gant helped revolutionising the world of shirts in the USA. The Gantmacher sons then helped in the diversification of the family-run business and launched new products, such as their boxer briefs.

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Willing to succeed in life and motivated by the American dream, Bernard Gantmacher left Ukraine in 1914 and arrived in New York City. He first came to study pharmacy, but then discovered his real vocation while sewing shirts to fund his university studies. After he moved to New Haven, which was the centre of the textile industry at that time, his little shirt tailoring company developed quickly thanks to its quality. It was only in 1949 that the brand Gant was really established. With the help of his two sons, Marty and Elliot, and their sense of fashion, Bernard’s grasp of details became truly valuable. Their first success was their shirt buttoned collars, which instantly expanded, followed by other innovations that won over a great number of customers and enabled them to diversify their range of products and to design other collections, such as undergarments, while keeping in mind the grasp of detail that had been following them for several years, and trying to bring new ideas to their high-quality products.