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Falke is a German brand that was established at the end of the 19th century and is specialised in knitted products, mostly made from cotton. It produces a wide range of products, from socks to stockings, beanies, tights, bodies or even sports suits for high-level athletes, especially in Formula 1.

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Established in 1895, the brand Falke does not only produce socks or sponsor Formula 1. Above all, it was a revolution that started from nothing, a father who wanted to be able to knit on a larger scale to produce a wider variety of products for its customers and finish them himself. Following the progress in the 20th century, his successors, who were all members of his family, put a lot into the upgrading of the fabrication quality of the products and, ultimately, of the products themselves, while taking into account new issues such as the preservation of the environment. Nowadays, they are more famous for their cotton products and their role as a sponsor of F1 champions, which enable them to increase their popularity and to continue experimenting to upgrade the quality of the socks, stockings and thighs.