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Esprit is an American menswear and womenswear brand. What makes this brand special is the fact that it was one of the first to care about its employees’ well-being as well as social and environmental issues. The goal of its underwear and other collections are just as the brand’s name says it: inspiring people who buy them, while thinking primarily about people’s comfort.

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Esprit’s history started in a very romantic way in the 1960s, as Doug Thompkins and Susie Buell met. Their common interest for fashion and nature rapidly turned into passion and bound them together so closely that they got married only six months later. Their clothing collections kept these principles as starting point and the first collection ever was first created for Susie’s friends and aimed at inspiring them and giving them her love for Californian sun. According to her, if people feel at ease, feel good, they look good. Never forgetting the essence that bound them together, Susie and Doug ran their company trying to lead their employees and the most people possible to “live the Californian way of life” by caring about social issues and always keeping in mind that the Earth has to be saved. Changing the world thanks to fashion, that is Esprit.