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Dolce & Gabbana is not only synonymous with luxury, fashion shows and celebrities representing its creations, it’s also a clothing line, and especially a line of everyday underwear. While still being prestigious and refined, its undergarments are plainer to make the body stand out with 100% cotton or elastane cotton briefs and trunks that perfectly hug the body.

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Dolce & Gabbana is a highly prestigious and worldly famous brand. It was established in 1985 by two Italian designers: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The objective of Dolce & Gabbana is to be a high-quality brand that enables modern men to express their personality and feelings through their outfits. That is the reason why Dolce & Gabbana developed several clothing lines offering a large range of products to its customers. The brand now produces menswear, womenswear, swimwear, underwear, but also perfume and jewellery. Its underwear line, which mostly includes its famous boxer briefs, was fully inspired by the brand’s spirit: elegant and sophisticated. Its boxer briefs and briefs are often presented on pictures of very muscular men, illustrating a sporty and vintage style. Dolce & Gabbana was able to promote its style and state of mind through a great number of television commercials starring celebrities such as Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johansson or Lionel Messi. Since 2004, Dolce & Gabbana has created the outfits of the Milan AC football team, and those the Chelsea FC team since 2010, as well as their suits for official representations. Thus, the players of both teams are dressed from head to toe by Dolce & Gabbana – boxer briefs included. As you may have understood, Dolce & Gabbana is an innovative brand with a strong identity and a Mediterranean feeling.