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Dim established itself as a real revolution on the market for men’s underwear. Who has never had at least one pair of Dim briefs, boxer shorts or trunks in his wardrobe? Soft, resistant, practical, aesthetically pleasing and made from innovative materials, there are good reasons why Dim is one of Frenchmen’s favourite brands of underwear.

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As soon as 1953, Dim used innovative materials and launched its underwear on the market after bringing nylon from the USA. It was first used for womenswear with “Tels Quels” stockings, which were low-priced, durable and seamless. In 1976, nylon began to be used in menswear, and more particularly in briefs, before the brand created a real men’s collection in 1987. Thanks to its availability in stores and supermarkets, Dim is now a reference - the brand one thinks about when men’s underwear is mentioned. And, in this case, availability goes with high quality. With innovative materials and cuts that follow the evolution of fashion, their boxer shorts, briefs and trunks don’t change much, but they change for the better: they become must-have pieces for several generations while keeping their French touch, their main production facility being located in Saône-et-Loire.