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In almost 40 years, Celio revolutionised ready-made clothing in France by imposing a single concept in several stores. With more than 1,000 stores in 60 countries, the brand managed to diversify its range of products and to expand internationally, for example by launching a collection of shoes or by establishing the brand Celio club.

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Established in 1978 by Maurice Grosman, Celio began under the name Cléo 300 with a single store. In only 7 years time, it became a concept by itself and led to the opening of 5 other stores, which was the starting point of a revolution in men’s ready-to-wear clothing. The brand began to make a name for itself by expanding on the French market and reached 100 stores in 1992, when it decided to develop internationally by opening stores in Belgium, Italy and Spain. Since then, Celio has kept expanding by creating new brands such as Celio club and by launching new products to appeal to a greater number of customers. The brand also continues to expand internationally with 100 stores in India and a flagship in Mumbai and one on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.