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General Terms and Conditions

The following provisions define the General Terms and Conditions of Business for the products offered by the company Solendro on their website under the following address:

Solendro wishes you to read the following clauses carefully.

Solendro specifies that no purchase can be completed without having accepted the following conditions.

Solendro S.A.S. is a € 35,000 simplified stock corporation under French law, with head offices at 10 rue de Louvois, 75002 Paris, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 538-919-937, with value added tax identification number FR 4 538-919-937.

CLAUSE 1 - Object

The following contract determines the rights and obligations of the company Solendro and the client in the context of selling the goods offered on the website of the company.

The Terms and Conditions of Business present all the rights and obligations of both sides. No other conditions can be applied apart from the ones mentioned here.

The purchase can be done either by adults or minors with parental permission.

Solendro reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any moment. Should this occur after your purchase, the Terms and Conditions you accepted at the time of purchase will apply.

CLAUSE 2 - Characteristics of the offers

The offered products and services are featured in the public catalogue on Solendro's website.

The offered products and services are available for a specified period. It is the obligation of the client to pay attention to the availability of the offer.

The company Solendro gives all the essential characteristics concerning the offered goods. Those characteristics appear when clicking on the photograph that illustrates the offer. Solendro asks the client to read the description of the product carefully. In general, the characteristics mentioned are size, quantity, colours and components of the offered goods.

The client acknowledges that the photograph on the website showing the product is merely an illustration. Minor differences can occur to the product in reality.

The client is aware that the good is delivered by mail.

The offered products and services that can be purchased on the website of Solendro can be delivered to any country the company chooses to deliver it.

CLAUSE 3 - Price

The prices are indicated in pound sterling.

The prices shown in the catalogue are including taxes in pound sterling considering potential reductions and applicable VAT at the day of the order. All changes of taxes can be reverberated at the price of the products or the services.

The indicated prices are valid depending on the availability on stock.

Solendro reserves the right to modify their prices at any moment, reassuring that the buyer will only have to pay the price they accepted the day of the purchase. This does not occur to typographic or omission errors.

The indicated prices do not include expedition fees. The latter are specified and added when confirming the order.

CLAUSE 4 - Order

Solendro reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a client with whom there has already been any kind of problem concerning the payment before or when there is any risk to be taken when accepting the order.

The client who wishes to buy a product or a service is obliged to:

Fill out a form in which they indicate all necessary coordinates demanded in order to register and create a client account (civility, family name, first name, telephone number, e-mail address and password) or, if there already is a client account, give their e-mail address and their password and validate their delivery address and billing address.

Choose a means of delivery and a means of payment (if the client is in charge of a discount voucher, they are asked to enter the code in the field provided for this purpose).

Confirm the order after verification.

To confirm an order, you have to accept the presented Terms and Conditions, acknowledge having carefully read them, and leave your own and any other conditions behind.

The client is bound to the contract and cannot take back having accepted it, except clause 9 and 10 apply.

The altogether registered data provided and the confirmation function as proof of transaction. The confirmation is signature and acceptance for the operations made.

By confirming the order, the buyer certifies being at least 18 years old, or having parental authorisation to affect the order. Minors are asked to make sure of the permission themselves, either verbally or otherwise.

Solendro will send a confirmation of purchase via e-mail.

CLAUSE 5 - Payment

The price is payable upon order. Except the server is not available, the payment is done immediately via credit card or PayPal.

The client certifies being authorised to affect the payment they have chosen. As part of the payment via credit card, the payment order can be revoked in case of fraudulent usage of the card, as agreed upon between the client and their bank.

CLAUSE 6 - Transaction Security

To ensure the security of payment, the website Solendro uses the service for secure payment Paybox. The confidential data (credit card number of 16 figures and the expiration date as well as the CVV) are directly transmitted coded to the server of the bank without getting in touch with the physical servers at Solendro. As soon as the order is confirmed, the demand for payment is sent to secured telepayment. The system then demands authorisation for payment from the bank. The administrative of the bank then delivers an electronic certificate that serves as proof of the sum total and the date of transaction as stated in Article 1316 in Civil Rights code.

CLAUSE 7 - Delivery

The products are sent to the address indicated in the order by the client.

The company Solendro promises to deliver the ordered products under thirty (30) days after having placed the order.

As stated in the law (Article L. 114-1 of the French Consumer Code), in case the ordered products do not arrive fourteen (14) days after the specified day in the order, and in case this is not due to force majeure, the client can proceed to the cancellation of the sale by sending a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:

Société Solendro - Service des réclamations

9 rue Réaumur

75003 PARIS

This way the client can demand their reimbursement. The latter will take place as stated in clause 10.

The client can make use of this right either up to sixty (60) days after the date of delivery of the goods stated on the order, or until the delivery arrived.

If the good is no longer available, the client will be informed as soon as possible and can demand to have their order cancelled and reimbursed. The latter will take place as stated in clause 10.

The delivery is free on orders above £ thirty (30).

The delivered goods stay property of Solendro until the full amount has been paid. All risks of loss or deterioration are transmitted to the client as soon as they are in charge of their goods.

Solendro reserves the right to refuse to deliver or fulfil an order in case the client has not yet paid the whole or part of an order placed before, or in case of a litigation in place.

CLAUSE 8 - Compliance of the products

The client benefits from the legal guarantee of compliance stated in clause 11.

The client is asked to check the general conditions of the packaging of the delivered products. In case of damage, they are asked to report this.

In case the delivered good does not comply, Solendro promises to exchange the damaged or not compliant products. Should an exchange be impossible, Solendro promises to reimburse the client.

The client can exchange each article that does not meet their expectations within thirty (30) days after receipt of the order.

The exchange and the reimbursement will take place as stated in clause 10.

CLAUSE 9 - Right of withdrawal

According to the law, the client can withdraw from an order within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the goods.

Solendro extends the right to return products without justification to a hundred (100) days.

In case the client makes use of this right, Solendro promises to reimburse them within fourteen (14) days, provided they followed all the rules and steps of return stated in clause 10 and in the FAQ "How do I return an article?"

CLAUSE 10 - Exchange and reimbursement

Exchanges as stated in clause 8 can only be affected if the products are available.

The returned products must be new and unused, and perfectly intact still in their original packaging.

The client is to pay the delivery fees in case the order cost less than £ thirty (30). The client is to pay the return fees in case the order cost less than £ thirty (30). In case of redelivery, Solendro is to pay the exchange fees for the redelivered products.

The reimbursement of the products, as stated in articles 7, 8 and 9, will be affected within fourteen (14) days after making use of the right, provided the client followed all the rules and steps of return stated in this clause and in the FAQ "How do I return an article?"

Each exchange or reimbursement must be consequence of a demand of your choice:

• Via e-mail:

• By using the contact form in register "Client service" on

• Via physical mail to:

Solendro SAS - Service après vente

9 rue Réaumur

75003 Paris, FRANCE

Each return which does not comply this procedure will be treated at a later time than expected.

CLAUSE 11 - Legal guarantees

The products offered by Solendro submit to the legal guarantees according to articles L.211-4 and following stated in French Consumer Code and 1641 and following in Civil Rights Code.

Legal guarantee of compliance: articles L.211-4 and following in French Consumer Code.

Article L211-4 in French Consumer Code:

The seller will deliver a good compliant to the contract and vouches for not meeting the compliance when delivered. They vouch as well for not meeting the compliance in consequence of the packaging, operating instructions, or installation, if this is stated in the contract or happened under their responsibility.

Article L211-5 in French Consumer Code:

In order to be compliant to the contract, the good must:

1. Be usable in the way expected from a comparable good, where appropriate:

correspond to the description given by the seller and have the qualities presented to the buyer in form of a sample or a model.

present qualities which a buyer can legitimately expect with regard to public declarations from the seller or their representatives, especially in advertisement or labelling.

2. Or present the characteristics defined by a mutual agreement of the two parties, or being usable in a special way researched by the buyer, reported to the seller and being accepted by them.

Article L211-12 in French Consumer Code:

Non-compliance can be reported up to two years after delivery of the good.

Guarantee in case of hidden defects: articles 1641 and following in French Civil Rights Code.

Article 1641 Civil Rights Code:

The seller will guarantee in case of hidden defects, if those defects hinder the destined usage, or if those defects make it impossible to use, and that the buyer would not have bought it or paid the given amount of money had they known of such a defect.

Article 1646 Civil Rights Code:

In case the seller ignored the hidden defects, they are asked to reimburse the price and fees consequential to the purchase.

Article 1648(2) Civil Rights Code:

The prohibitive actions must be taken within two (2) years after having discovered the hidden defect.

CLAUSE 12 - Discount vouchers

Discount vouchers can be used on the shipping costs, according to Solendro. The usage of the discount vouchers will be specified in each contest. The discount vouchers cannot be combined with other vouchers and cannot be disbursed for the value they are holding. In case of return of an article for reasons Solendro does not need to know, the discount vouchers cannot be reused for another purchase.

Reimbursements concern only the sum actually paid (and displayed on the invoice of the client), which means, they cannot be partially paid with a discount voucher.

CLAUSE 13 - Gift cards

Terms of usage of a Solendro gift card:

• It is only valid on the website

• It cannot be transferred to third parties (any sum you do not use, will be lost).

• Should the sum on your gift card be inferior to the sum total, you are to pay the difference.

• The difference in the purchase with a gift card cannot be paid with another gift card.

• A gift card is valid for one year after the date of issue.

CLAUSE 14 - Copyright

Everything on the website of Solendro is and stays intellectual property of Solendro.

Nobody is allowed to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use any of the titles, not even partially, elements on the website, whether it be systematic, visual or audible.

It is strictly forbidden to use simple links or hypertexts, except you have a written permission from Solendro.

CLAUSE 15 - Responsibility

Solendro, in the process of online sale, can only be held responsible for the obligation of means.

They will not be held responsible for not executed or badly executed contracts for reasons of force majeure, occurrences unexplainable to the client or unpredictable and insurmountable disadvantage or damage in consequence of wrong usage of the Internet, as well as system failure, external intrusion, loss of data or computer viruses.

CLAUSE 16 - Data processing and liberties

To ensure a good process of ordering, the collected nominative data will be used for computing treatment. The client acknowledges having understood.

The information about the client can be transmitted to partners from Solendro. The client can oppose to this transmission by sending a physical mail demanding this to the head offices of Solendro.

According to the law from 6 January 1978, the client has the right to demand all information registered about them in the Solendro files.

Solendro falls back on using cookies in order to collect information about the visit of the client on the website. The client can disactivate the use of cookies by selecting the right parameters in the browser.

CLAUSE 17 - Applicable law and dispute resolution

The parties agree that this contract is subject to French law.

In case of dispute with professionals and/or merchants, or with a client, the tribunals of Paris are in charge.

CLAUSE 18 - Legal notices and contact

Solendro S.A.S. is a € 35,000 simplified stock corporation under French law, with head offices at 10 rue de Louvois, 75002 Paris, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 538-919-937.

E-mail :