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You want support, body-hugging underwear that enhance your body but you think that briefs have an unfashionable image? You are totally wrong! Young brands like Tommy Hilfiger design briefs that are made for you, so don’t hesitate! Dare to wear body-hugging white or colourful briefs that will enhance your body.

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Tommy Hilfiger has been designing high-quality undergarments for thirty years now! We may think that briefs are a bit old-fashioned but they are definitely making a comeback. Around 30% of Frenchmen wear briefs and this proportion has been constantly increasing for a few years. By designing trendy and colourful models, Tommy Hilfiger manages to convince consumers all around the world not to abandon this trend and that support and body-hugging undergarments will continue to be trendy for many years. If briefs managed to be among the most-worn undergarments for decades, nothing can make them disappear immediately.