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Today, it is clear that a great number of men buy their boxer shorts/ trunks / briefs paying as much attention to their waistband as to the fabric in which they are made and their cut. The trend of low-rise jeans or jeans that are worn in a careless way and let the underwear’s waistband appear gave the idea to Replay to use wide waistbands even for briefs, to highlight their jeans at the same time.

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Several decades creating jeans and accessories inevitably lead to various types of changes, force to adapt, to create new designs and to follow new trends according to generations. Replay is a pioneer in this field, innovating in jeans and adapting undergarments to the current trends. For example, we can cite the wide waistbands of the briefs, which enable the trousers to have a relaxed cut that let appear the waistband of the briefs, for an “offbeat” style. Moreover the marine stripes and the contrast between black and white are timeless and will go along with your jeans with class without worrying about their cut or colour.