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Ralph Lauren briefs perfectly embody simplicity. Not relying on a crazy concept or design, they are intended to be high-quality products that will satisfy every wearer. For example, they are made from a pleasant to wear fabric that won’t cause any rubbing or even offer support adapted to many different situations. Their cut can also change according to situations.

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The main advantage of briefs – whatever the cut – is that they adapt to every situation (except if you make the mistake to go for a hike wearing silk briefs), whether it is a sporty afternoon with friends, having a drink on terrace in August or under very warm trousers in winter. Ralph Lauren took its inspiration from this concept to design briefs that offer foolproof support, have an elastic and flexible waistband and are made from soft and resistant materials. Boxer shorts and trunks can always provoke rubbing between the tights when they are worn under trousers that are too tight and that can be prevented very easily.