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Unlike Impetus boxer briefs, Impetus briefs do not offer such a great variety of colours and patterns. Most of the brand’s products are rather adapted to sports activities with their white colour and a high elasticity, or to more classic and professional outfits, with their different shades of black. Treat yourself to some change and try out briefs.

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Even though the number of boxer shorts and trunks increased a lot throughout the last decades, briefs remain a safe bet when it comes to underwear. This is easy to understand, since briefs give a unique support and are easier to wear under skinny jeans or suits, and a great number of men find them more comfortable. The typical elasticity of their material – a mix of cotton and spandex – is also perfect for sportsmen and make a long day of work more comfortable and easier to go through. If you have to move a lot, do not hesitate and try Impetus briefs out.