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Briefs made from 100% cotton fabric are must-have products of any man’s wardrobe. Hypoallergenic, light and flexible, they will slip effortlessly under all your outfits to provide you unequalled comfort and well-being all day long.

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There are a bit more than 30 species of cotton plants in the world, among which four are cultivated in various warm countries for the fibres they give once they reach maturity. Cotton, which has been used for thousands of years to manufacture clothes, is not only hypoallergenic but also soft and comfortable. Briefs made from 100% cotton material will combine the properties of this material and those of briefs to provide you optimum support, unequalled comfort and great freedom of movement and follow you in all your activities. If you are looking for undergarments that are both practical and comfortable, don’t look further, briefs made from 100% cotton sold on are made for you!