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Pull-In uses boxer shorts to get as close as possible to the design of boardshorts, while keeping surfing and extreme sports as a source of inspiration. Colourful and sophisticated, the collection offers a variety of very electric products, from American comics style to classic chequered patterns or colourful and fun games of luck patterns.

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Pull-In is an underwear brand specialised in boxer shorts that was established in 2000 by Emmanuel Lohéac. This underwear brand is very famous in extreme sports, just like the brand Red Bull. Pull-In is famous for its original boxer shorts, and it fought along with famous designer houses to establish itself. Thanks to the constant renewal of its products, it was able to stay in touch with its customers and continue to please them. The brand only uses high-quality cotton and nothing else. It makes a point of offering to its customers high-quality products and the ultimate comfort they are looking for. Pull-In is a French company based in a city that is famous among the surfing community, Hossegor! For several years, Pull-In has been experiencing an astonishing expansion and owns many shops in France, a few in the rest of the world, and 1,700 retail outlets across the world. Even though the company is very attached to men’s boxer shorts and trunks that made it famous, it diversified its range of products while keeping the same state of mind, original and dedicated to amateur and professional extreme sports lovers. Nowadays, Pull-In is well established on the market of high-end underwear thanks to its unique and sophisticated mark. This season, Pull-In offers new boxer shorts collections featuring various games of luck such as poker and black jack.