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Elastane in your boxer shorts? Yes indeed. Nowadays, this extremely elastic synthetic material intrudes itself in the manufacture of various garments and undergarments and boxer shorts are no exception. The objective? Pamper you like never before. Boxer shorts that are flexible, comfortable and soft to the touch, what more could you ask for?

Boxer shorts Elastane

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Invented at the end of the 1950s, elastane enters since then in the composition of numerous clothes, especially sport garments, for the flexibility and resistance it provides. Generally combined with other materials, such as polyester and cotton for example, it makes them softer and more flexible, two properties that are very appreciated by sport lovers, especially runners and dancers. Nowadays omnipresent in the clothing industry, elastane brings its properties to all types of garments and more particularly boxer shorts. Elastane boxer shorts selected for you by Solendro will perfectly hug your curves while providing you a unique sensation of comfort and unequalled freedom of movement.