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Arthur boxer shorts were born from an idea that was simple, but daring at that time: taking a basic piece of clothing from men’s wardrobe and turning it into an original piece. This is how the brand started to produce fancy boxer shorts made from 100% cotton more than 30 years ago. These products now delight customers of all ages.

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Arthur is already 30 years old! This underwear brand was established in 1983 by two former students from the very prestigious French ESSEC business school. Although it was originally meant for children and new-borns, the brand was so successful among young people that it started to target their parents with products of outstanding quality. Since then, Arthur has largely developed its lines and doesn’t sell exclusively underwear anymore (trunks, boxer shorts, briefs) but also the full panoply of homewear (pyjamas, night-caps, dressing gowns, slippers, etc.). Arthur now offers luxury products matching their boxer shorts. These combine simplicity through their straight cut and originality through their – sometimes understated but always refined – patterns. This finish is Arthur’s trademark. The brand is now available in numerous countries (60 stores) and developed a big franchise network. The young brand managed to conquer a leading position on the underwear market, especially the luxury boxer briefs market, without the support of popular designers or leading institutions. A few years ago, the brand started to export internationally and has been enjoying a broader customer base since then.