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Tommy Hilfiger is famous all over the world for its boxer briefs and more particularly for their waistband displaying the logo of the brand, which is both elegant and appealing. The brand doesn’t skimp on variety and plays a lot with the variations of colours and designs in order not to bore its customers by systematically offering them similar products.

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Since its establishment in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger is famous for its fine-cut boxer shorts offering attractive designs. Of course, its logo – a tricoloured flag – appears on most of the boxer briefs waistbands to differentiate the brand and give it a charm that others don’t have. With its various models ranging from simple and plain boxer briefs to very colourful trunks bearing multicoloured and visible patterns, the brand managed to diversify its range of products and not only design a single type of models. The cuts are somehow similar but thanks to its limitless imagination, Tommy Hilfiger always wins back the heart of its customers by offering them new undergarments.