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Sloggi designs timeless, slimming or sporty boxer briefs. Trying to find ways to sell boxer briefs at the lowest price possible, the brand found new ways to innovate and to use new materials to offer high-quality products at a very affordable price.

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Sloggi is a German men’s and women’s underwear brand established in 1979 and taken over by Triumph International a few years later. During the 80s, Sloggi deeply marked the underwear industry by launching women’s briefs on the market, a revolution at that time! Then, Sloggi managed to renew itself to reach a wider customer base that opened the doors to international markets. Indeed, since 1986, the brand designs men’s briefs and began to offer boxer briefs a few years later. From the very beginning, the brand decided to focus on the quality of its underwear rather than on a very refined design and offered mostly classical and elegant products, a major advantage compared to its competitors that sometimes face hard times trying to define and follow clear guiding principles. Moreover, Sloggi was one of the first brands to offer boxer briefs and briefs mostly made from cotton mixed with a little elastane for the waistband that provide optimal support to customers. Its products have other advantages like the comfort they offer thank to their softness, as well as their resistance and their easy washing. A brand that managed to combine high quality and low prices!