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Firmly trendy and modern, Replay targets young adults looking for new styles, pleasant designs and a vintage style to keep a touch of difference. The brand’s boxer briefs definitely embody this spirit: for example denim, camouflage or even classical black boxer briefs with a contrasting waistband. The perfect mix of modern and vintage styles!

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Constantly trying to recreate, surpass and renew himself, Claudio Buziol did not hesitate to build on the success of his brand to keep expanding it and diversifying its range of products. Thus, Replay jeans are not the only clothes we think about when we pass by a shop of this brand: its undergarments are also famous all over the world and perfectly match the jeans. The brand’s boxer briefs are very similar to the brand itself: constantly changing. Thus, a collection isn’t limited to a single design available in 20 different colours. On the contrary, Replay prefers offering a great variety of products that will potentially please more customers and satisfy their tastes while perfectly matching numerous jeans in various tones. Don’t forget that underwear is becoming more and more important and is not limited to mere hidden accessories.