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As well as the collection of polo shirts launched in 1972, Ralph Lauren boxer briefs are elegant and very refined. With a range of colours specific to its collections and a design that enhances the curves of the wearers, the brand stays true to itself and keeps it simple with plain or colourful boxer briefs, for a sexy and pleasant style.

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After his debut in the textile industry in his youth, it was logical for Ralph Lauren to diversify his activities and try to launch new creations. First, he designed women’s clothes on the advice of his wife. Then, he went from polo shirts and shirts to men’s underwear, especially boxer briefs. His creations are famous all around the world for their numerous qualities: simplicity, variety and classic style. Simplicity can be seen right away on all his creations, his boxer briefs are not full of patterns or dozens of colours, and have maximum two - three if we consider the various tones - and are always matching perfectly. The variety comes from the number of colours available for each model, dark or light, original or more traditional, there is something for every taste. Finally, all boxer briefs are classical pieces. Their generally wide waistband and the simple fabric enable the brand to create a great variety of different styles to constantly renew itself.