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At first sight, Punto-Blanco is a brand that is not much talked about. However, it is not due to a lack of quality or skills, it is a choice. The brand chose to manufacture undergarments, especially boxer briefs, of irreproachable quality, thus limiting the quantity. Innovative and comfortable are the two key words defining Punto-Blanco boxer briefs.

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Mister Valls, and more particularly the Valls group, are references in Spanish clothing industry. With companies specialised in the manufacture of threads, fabrics and graphic arts, the brand continued its evolution with the creation of Punto-Blanco, which is specialised in underwear (briefs, boxer briefs and boxer shorts). However, this company decided to distinguish itself from others by becoming a prestigious brand only designing high-quality boxer briefs and using innovative manufacturing techniques. With a classical and body-hugging cut, their boxer briefs leave nothing to chance and give a sexy and young style to the wearer. Often made from microfibre or elastane cotton, these boxer briefs are known for their perfect finish, without any impairment. Punto-Blanco boxer briefs perfectly illustrate the objective of the brand: being better than its competitors and giving priority to quality over quantity. Don’t be afraid to innovate and try on Punto-Blanco boxer briefs!