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Levi’s is mostly famous for its jeans that became essential pieces of clothing and that have been sold for more than 150 years. After it established itself on the jeans market, the brand decided to diversify its production and started to create youthful and cool-looking boxer briefs, usually with contrasting designs between the waistband and the underwear fabric for an original and rock’n’roll style.

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Thanks to its will to innovate and make clothes always more attractive and comfortable for their wearers, Levi’s has managed to establish itself in the world of jeans and denim since the 19th century. After spending decades focusing on jeans, the brand felt the need to diversify its collections and to design new ones, which included other types of clothes, and more particularly boxer briefs. Levi’s boxer briefs perfectly match the jeans and offer perfect support and great freedom of movement thanks to the mix of spandex and cotton, which gives greater overall comfort while keeping them soft. Moreover, the colours and contrasting design of the boxer briefs will give you a young and modern style!