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Kaporal particularly stands out thanks to its colourful and high-quality boxer shorts. They are characterised by their youthful and well-fitted cut as wells as their wide waistband displaying the name of the brand. Kaporal designs models that match jeans that are similar to its own, that is to say high-quality jeans with modern cuts.

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As a young brand, Kaporal adapts quickly and easily to its customers. It keeps innovating to constantly offer trendy clothes with designs that will appeal to a new generation or even manage to impose a certain design. As for its boxer briefs, the brand mostly focuses on the design and the evolution of jeans during the last 20 years. For example, it perfectly uses the domination of low-waisted jeans to create wide and colourful boxer briefs waistbands that will be noticed easily. In the same spirit, Kaporal also offers colourful designs with visible seams in order to make the design more special and original.