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Already established on a rather elegant market, the brand Gant Shirtmakers also creates boxer briefs that represent this class and the “casual business” look. Gant boxer briefs are noticeably simple and comfortable thanks to their elasticity, which enables dynamic men to maintain their efficiency on a daily basis.

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Gant Shirtmakers, that just celebrated its 100th anniversary, had time to evolve and discover all aspects of the business. At the beginning dedicated to shirts, Gant considerably expanded its product range and has now a real collection, including underwear and more particularly boxer briefs. The brand’s boxer briefs have a both serious and casual look, which enables a double use of these products: thank to the use of elastane cotton that offers a great freedom of movement, they can be worn everyday under a suit or during sport activities. Moreover, the simplicity of their patterns gives them the ability to slip under any suit or joggers and to match easily any of your outfits.