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Emporio Armani boxer briefs combine elegance and simplicity. They are worn by the greatest football players such as David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo and can match any wardrobe. The colours and the cuts are classic, which enabled Emporio Armani products to establish themselves as must-have items in the world of boxer briefs.

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Designed by Giorgio Armani, the collection of Emporio Armani boxer briefs will surely please a great variety of customers. Its colours and cuts are simple but not too basic. Whether you need everyday products or more sophisticated ones, such as sport items, Emporio Armani will provide you what you are looking for. The fabrics are selected according to the way in which the men can use their boxer briefs and the quality is always excellent. These are all the advantages of a brand that is part of a group creating haute couture items as well as denim. Long boxer briefs and trunks are made from stretch cotton or 100% cotton, which ensures ultimate comfort in all sizes and for all ages. The most popular colours are black, white and grey. Boxer briefs are designed to highlight the beauty of men’s body by refining the muscle tone through colours and contrasts. By choosing Emporio Armani boxer briefs, you will invest in a high quality product and international reputation. The striped eagle label is the assurance of high quality. Wearing Armani boxer briefs will make you an elegant, self-confident and refined man.