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Eminence boxer briefs particularly stand out thanks to their excellent value for money. Generally made form from 100% cotton or stretch cotton, Eminence undergarments are really comfortable for all ages and all sizes and offer a wide range of patterns, colours and designs.

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The brand Eminence, which has been on the market for more than 70 years, managed to stand out from its competitors by offering an astonishingly wide range of products. Striped, plain, with patterns, Eminence doesn’t limit itself and prefers to please all tastes rather than trying to do only one thing at a time. The singularly efficient side comes from the two or three-pack boxer briefs that, besides being totally different, are available at an affordable price, making them the leaders in terms of value for money. The little extra of some of the products is the mix of cotton and modal, a natural fibre from beech trees which is naturally soft and flexible and will enable an incomparable freedom of movement.