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Eden Park boxer briefs are perfectly adapted to festive evenings. The brand, which was founded by sportsmen, offers a great freedom of movement thanks to elastane cotton, while keeping a design that matches the brand’s spirit: a modern and elegant look that combines different colours, and a unique attention to detail for a high-quality finish.

Boxer briefs Eden Park

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Established in 1987, Eden Park managed to establish its prestige and to be identified as a unique brand thanks to its very particular identity that can be found on every creation, including boxer briefs. Eden Park plays with colours and contrast, which gives its boxer briefs a unique touch and makes them easily recognisable at first glance. Eden Park does not only focus on design and colours, though. Since the brand’s founders are five former rugby players from the Racing Club de France, quality and freedom of movement are not neglected either. Since these boxer shorts are mostly made from cotton with a slight touch of spandex to add some elasticity, they are adapted to any situation, whether you wear them on a daily basis under a suit or during sports activities. The key element that Eden Park always kept in mind is that it is possible to keep a touch of elegance in any situation.