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Calvin Klein boxer briefs reflect the brand’s other collections: classy, elegant and of good quality. They became real best-sellers all over the world and ensure you optimal comfort without overlooking style. The materials used for these boxer briefs make them body-hugging, and the colours are simple but always make a statement.

Boxer briefs Calvin Klein

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Since 1982, Calvin Klein has been delighting us with its undergarments, which are always more elegant and chic than the last. The brand turned men’s boxer briefs into real collector’s pieces. They combine refined design, good quality and innovative materials (boxer briefs made from cotton, polyamide, microfibre, polyester and stretch cotton). Who did not notice Calvin Klein Underwear’s commercials featuring stars like Kellan Lutz or Matthew Terry? Celebrities set the pace and Calvin Klein underwear’s glory did not take long to come: from now on, old-fashioned briefs and unsexy boxer shorts are pushed to the back of the drawer. The body-hugging boxer briefs revolution orchestrated by Calvin Klein ensures utmost elegance to every man who wears them. Ought to their classical appearance, collections such as CK One or CK Bold are the stuff of dreams, but their fitted cut make them stand out. Thus, undergarments are not mere accessories anymore but have become real objects of desire. Celebrities took on Calvin Klein boxer briefs, so why wouldn’t you?