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Socks Lotto

For a brand manufacturing sport shoes, what is more logical than offering high-quality socks to go with them? It is the vision of Lotto, which offers socks to be worn with the high-performance shoes that made it famous all around the world. Sold in packs or in pairs, come discover all the best products of the brand on!
As said before, Lotto was established in 1973 as a shoe manufacturer. It is only natural that, as it diversified its range of products and began to offer clothes, the brand designed a collection of sport socks to match its items. They are made from materials often used to exercise, such as cotton and polyester, which are used by sportsmen for their anti-perspiration properties and their lightness that improve comfort during a match or a competition. Often sold in packs of 2 to 6, Lotto socks have a simple design without too many patterns to be able to match various types of shoes.