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Brands Jil

André Gillier, founder of a hosiery business in the Troyes area, was the first one who dared to launch a brand of men’s underwear in the 1920s. Even before the word “briefs” was coined, Jil did its best to make them popular and, once this goal was achieved, to develop them. We can cite Australian briefs (pouch briefs) as an example, and the constant evolution of boxer briefs materials since then.

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In 1927, André Gillier decided to stop only selling his products in his shop, as he was doing before, and to create the brand Jil instead to be able to create his own collection. Sixteen years before “l’Illustration” even used the word “briefs” in an article, Jil was already designing some and launched its collection with an elastic waistband offering freedom of movement. Besides its flagship products such as pouch briefs or underdenim, Jil used shocking, humoristic, or romantic slogans to win men’s hearts or even convince their wives. Since the 1990s, the brand has kept showing its modernity, but always with simplicity. For example, it developed new materials (modal, natural fibres, Lycra, Meryl…) in order to fully satisfy men and used communication campaigns that are always funnier and more innovating and focus on various themes. Jil has kept the same spirit since 1927 and the brand is still seeking to satisfy as many men as possible and to do it in different ways.