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Boxer shorts Ralph Lauren

Almost opposite to its boxer briefs and polo shirts, Ralph Lauren boxer shorts change dramatically. They make a break with the pure and simple elegance of a hand-made suit and give a romantic and relaxed image, while keeping the fine cuts that define them, for an appealing result that will be perfect to spend a Sunday with your partner.
One of the numerous talent of Ralph Lauren is his ability to improve the desire for novelty of the fans of his brand, to never fully satisfy them and to tell them that the next collection or the next piece of cloth will be something magnificent. However, despite the rather simple or monochromatic aspect of most of the brand’s boxer shorts, the charm remains, particularly thanks to 100% cotton fabrics and elastic waistbands that enable to have very good support while keeping the typical freedom of movement offered by boxer shorts. Moreover, even though the designs are quite common, it remains possible to mix different colours to avoid keeping it simple. For example, we can cite its 100% cotton boxer shorts that mix green, blue, white, pink, stripes and checks for a flashy and powerful result. Thus, Ralph Lauren can boast about satisfying the curiosity of all the fans of its underwear.