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Boxer shorts Punto Blanco

Boxer shorts are not only limited to lazy Sundays and can also be used as a fashion accessory if they are well matched. That is what Punto-Blanco manages to do perfectly by designing straight-cut boxer shorts with an elastane waistband that is quite similar to that of boxer briefs, for a refined and sexy look.

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Punto-Blanco is a very old brand that was established at the end of the 19th century by Mister Valls. The Valls group owns other clothing companies that are specialised in the manufacture of threads, fabrics, and in graphic arts. The Valls group, that owns Punto-Blanco, is one of the three major ready-to-wear companies in Spain. Punto-Blanco is exclusively specialised in underwear (boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts) and swimwear. The brand’s philosophy can be summarised in three main points. Firstly, material innovation is crucial for Punto-Blanco because it is essential to offer optimum comfort to the customers and to remain competitive. Secondly, Punto-Blanco relies much on the various techniques developed by the Valls group to obtain irreproachable quality. Finally, the brand makes a point of designing an innovative and futuristic style that will offer new sensations and experiences to future customers. Punto-Blanco is a brand with a particular style that comes from – south – Spain. Punto-Blanco boxer shorts draw their originality from their cut and patterns. Their straight cut offers great freedom of movement and the elastic waistband made from elastane is very similar to that of the brand’s boxer briefs and offers optimal support and thus, much more comfort.