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Boxer shorts Coup de Coeur

Coup de Coeur, a French brand established in 1983, is intended for the whole family. If you want to wear boxer shorts that look like no others, Coup de Cœur boxer shorts, with their offbeat style and bright colours, may be the ones you need. The originality and the comfort offered by its boxer shorts made from 100% cotton will please all men in the family.

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Established in 1983 by Alix de Riberolles and Jacques Loyer, Coup de Coeur is a French brand offering a wide range of products for men, women, children and new-borns. Coup de Coeur managed to develop its activity to offer its loyal customers – as well as to attract others – an infinity of lines, collections and styles. The brand loves to use bright colours to highlight the childish style of some products. Wearing Coup de Coeur undergarments is like being part of a big family. Indeed, to be consistent with its philosophy, the brand designed similar lines of underwear for all ages and both genders to promote equality within families.