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Boxer briefs Torrente

Torrente boxer briefs are extremely simple and radically contrast with fashion shows that made up a big part of the past of this brand. Nowadays, the undergarments designed by the brand don’t aim at being complicated and stand out thanks to their colourful waistband displaying the “TORRENTE” logo as well as to the comfort provided by body-hugging elastane cotton.

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Rose Mett began to work in the high-fashion industry with the strong desire to take part to the biggest fashion shows in the world. After she achieved this goal, she decided to work in ready-to-wear clothes, a different and attractive industry thanks to the number of people that can be reached. In 2005, Thierry Abimalech took over the brand and decided to focus on ready-to-wear clothing rather than on haute couture by creating clothes for all customers. Thus, boxer briefs are not intricate, they have a classical cut and are often black with a contrasting waistband. Moreover, they are made from elastane cotton for a great freedom of movement and have an attractive style thanks to their body-hugging aspect. Torrente thus designs products for everybody and plays on the main characteristic of boxer briefs: they are everyday undergarments that are comfortable to wear while enhancing men’s bodies.